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House & Cuddy: On April 16th 2008, House and Cuddy’s wedding plans were interrupted when their son, James, decided to make an unexpected early entrance in to the world. Typical House and Cuddy behaviour, both were too stubborn to revisit the notion of marriage again until House re-proposed to Cuddy in the middle of an argument over Clinic Duty on September 30th 2008. They married two weeks later in a small ceremony at the town hall and as is House and Cuddy as we know and love them, probably won’t ever have a stress-free happily ever after, but they have each other… finally.

Chase & Wilson: After seeing through many trials and tribulations together, Chase and Wilson welcomed home their second baby twin daughter, Emma, from hospital on September 23rd, just two days before their first wedding anniversary. They celebrated their first year of marriage together at home with their daughters and know that after everything they got through together in their past, they’ll do pretty damn well for the rest of their lives together.

Tara & Lachlan: After Lachlan nearly lost his life after being shot in the PPTH carpark in December 2007, he and Tara have gradually picked up the pieces of their tragedy to keep going. They continue to wade through the painful losses that stemmed from the terrible times, but are happily expecting their first child in early February 2009. Their journey continues and only time will tell what lays in their future.
[You can continue to follow Tara and Lachlan’s story via their journals doctortara and drcampbell where they are being written via muse prompts and roleplay]

Cameron & Stuart: It took Cameron a few months to get over the birth of the twins and as she slowly recuperated, her relationship with Stuart Carter thrived. He took a job as Head of Surgery at PPTH and on November 1st 2008, Stuart proposed to her and she happily accepted. They will marry on Christmas Eve 2008 and just nine months later, welcome a baby son, Robert Lachlan, in to the world.

Patrick: With Jared’s departure, Pat felt at a bit of a loss what direction to take his life in. He was gradually coming to terms with the MS diagnosis and decided to accept the place at the Princeton Medical School. He will work towards gaining his MD in Palliative and Rehabilitation medicine so he can specialise in treating people newly diagnosed with MS like himself.
[You can continue to follow Pat’s story via his journals sexyinscrubs where he is being written via muse prompts and roleplay alongside Tara and Lachlan]

Lynne & Michael: It took Lynne and Michael a long time to get themselves together and give in to the attraction between them. They eventually succumbed, however, and now live together not far from PPTH along with Michael’s son, Vincent, who moved to Princeton to be with his dad.

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10 September 2008 @ 03:35 pm
After a year and a half of wonderful characters, play, and plots, players and mods together have made the mutual decision that the time has come for us to fade to black on the Symptomology universe.

The decision has not been an easy one to make and all Symptomology members are sad to see the book close on it and will miss the game extensively. However, personal and professional commitments of the players have made it difficult to retain the play consistency we used to have. We feel this is a perfect time to fade as we are going out on a high where all our characters are happy and content and we have a wonderful past of many great plots and scenes under our belts.

Some of our members have chosen to continue writing their characters as independent muses where they have the enjoyment of interacting with a whole other variety of House and non-House characters. Tara, Lachlan and Pat will continue their journey once we fade and you can follow their stories via the following personal character journals (feel free to add them to your f-list to follow):

Tara Brennan-Campbell [doctortara]
Lachlan Campbell [drcampbell]
Patrick Preston [sexyinscrubs]

A few of our players have also transitioned to a newly-opened panfandom RPG, etrelibre_rpg if you are interested in following them there.

We all want to thank you extensively for being on board with us and following the many antics our characters have lived through. As we said, we close with a heavy but happy heart that we are seeing the end of an era but also that we have carried on unabated for a year and a half with roleplay we are all proud of and fun interactions both on and off the game. For a small RPG like this, this is a massive achievement and we can walk away pleased with what we have accomplished as a group.

So, with the following character wrap-up, we sign off with a cheers and thanks for joining us on our Symptomology journey – we hope you’ve enjoyed your stay ;)

- Mods & Players
symptomology RPG
09 July 2008 @ 12:17 am
Just a quick mod notice to advise that due to it being Northern Hemisphere summer and Southern Hemisphere winter, we have players being affected by vacations, absences and illness for the moment. Play is continuing but on slow-time by some players in the interim. We anticipate things to pick back up for us in the next few weeks, so watch this space!
24 September 2007 @ 08:41 pm
Due to some security issues, all symptomology game play will now be locked.

Please feel free to email us on symptomology@gmail.com if you have any queries.
27 April 2007 @ 08:51 pm
Please visit http://www.symptomology.net for more information